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Longest Blood Red Moon Witnessed Friday for Two Hours

30 July 2018

But if you live in South America, eastern Africa, the Middle East and central Asia, you're in luck.

The moon will turn a deep red colour During the eclipse, the moon will pass through the umbra - the darkest part of the Earth's shadow - and take on a red glow.

During Friday's eclipse, the moon will gradually take on a reddish hue as it advances into the Earth's shadow and the colour will look "a little like when the sun sets on the horizon", according to a spokesman for the French Association of Astronomy Clément Plantureux. The total Lunar Eclipse slated for July 27, 2018 is happening on a full moon night, making this celestial phenomenon even more rare.

The next total lunar eclipse visible in the USA will be on January 21, 2019, according to NASA, and will occur during a super moon.

As this happens, some part of the Moon will not be visible to stargazers, resulting in a partial lunar eclipse. The period of totality during this eclipse will last for one hour and two minutes.

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When can you see the blood micro moon?

A total lunar eclipse occurs when the moon and the sun are on exact opposite sides of Earth. It's called a blood moon because the moon appears to be red.

But why does the moon turn red?

At the same time, Mars will hang just below the moon and shine brighter than it ever has in 15 years.

And this is no regular lunar eclipse.

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Some Christians believe the celestial event could mark the start of disaster, based on a passage from the biblical Book of Joel, which reads: "The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and the bad day of the Lord comes".

After this, you will witness the next lunar eclipse on December 31, 2028.

During a total lunar eclipse, Earth completely blocks direct sunlight from reaching the moon. A fraction of those are total lunar eclipses. This eclipse will also be the longest eclipse we have had this century! Then the Moon will start to gradually come out of Earth's shadow and partial eclipse will end at 3:49 am IST on July 28. Lunar Eclipse is also tied strongly to Astrology, and since its a complete immersion not seen before this century, astrologers have pointed out that it could have an extreme effect on people with Gemini Zodiac sign.

An opposition can occur anywhere in the planet's orbit and when it happens while Mars is at its closest to the sun, the event is known as perihelic opposition.

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Longest Blood Red Moon Witnessed Friday for Two Hours