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Britney Spears Says She's up for 'Mickey Mouse Club' Reunion

20 July 2018

"I was excited that I get to meet one of the biggest artists of all time", he admits.

Britney Spears has been in the perfume biz for almost 15 years, but her newest fragrance will be a first.

Britney Spears performs at iHeartRadio Jingle Ball concert at Staples Center in Los Angeles, California, December 2, 2016.

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Speaking with PEOPLE, the entertainer, who is now on the road with a stripped down version of her Las Vegas residency "Piece of Me", spoke about the theme behind the release and how she works on her own confidence. What's your name again?' I tried to be amusing. 'I tried to be amusing. "It's [about saying], 'I'm going to what I want to do and be happy in that moment and not worry about what people think.' It's [about] saying, 'This is what I'm going to do without - any judgments'".

The approach ultimately worked as the two eventually exchanged numbers, leading Spears to ask him out for sushi. "(Tell me why) / I don't need permission, make my own decisions / That's my prerogative", she sings in the track.

"She motivates me more than anyone", says Asghari, 24, of Spears, 36.

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'After the video came out, nobody knew we were dating, ' he explained.

She added: "I think I had to give myself more breaks through my career and take responsibility for my mental health". If I could be that humble when I'm that high in life, that would be the best thing. She is another blessing that happened to me'.

Britney Spears also posted a steamy sneak peek trailer for Prerogative to her social media accounts, captioning the video clip with the phrase, "A fragrance for all". "I kept his number, and it was so weird - it was like five months later, and I found his number in my bag".

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"My show is a workout in itself, so it kind of keeps you really strong", she said to ET. "This guy is really cute.' So then I called him, and ever since then, he is just a really fun, amusing person".

Britney Spears Says She's up for 'Mickey Mouse Club' Reunion