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World Emoji Day 2018

17 July 2018

This year on World Emoji Day tech giants Apple, Facebook and Twitter are celebrating this day by declaring most popular emojis and also announcing the arrival of new emojis by the end of this year.

Superhero emojis of both sexes, and animal emojis such as the kangaroo, peacock and lobster, will also be introduced in Apple's upcoming iOS 12 update later this year.

New emojis include Party face Pleading face and Face with hearts
World Emoji Day 2018

New food emojis will arrive as well, like mangoes, lettuce, cupcakes and mooncakes.

Apple today took the opportunity on World Emoji Day to share that it will be adding no fewer than 70 new emoji to most of its platforms this fall, with the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac all gaining the icons.

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In a time when nearly every day is some sort of a weird holiday, including such stand-outs as National Lumpy Rug Day and National Ampersand Day (yes, these do exist), would you be surprised to find out that there's also World Emoji Day?

"As always, some of the most vocal requests for new emojis are about representation, and this update delivers some of the most common requests". There's also a new emoji for bald people.

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In addition to the new hair options, Apple's upcoming update brings new new smilies including a frozen face, puppy-dog eyes, a party whistle face and a smiling face with three hearts surrounding it. That makes something like iOS 12.1 the most likely option. As expected, these emoji designs were created based on approved Unicode 11.0 characters, which we shared earlier this year.

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World Emoji Day 2018