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HTC to launch its blockchain smartphone later this year

14 July 2018

First the news of the company developing the Blockchain-based "Exodus" phone appeared in May and since then, according to the HTC reps, tens of thousands of people have made a pre-order.

The Exodus will feature a cold storage wallet to keep cryptocurrencies offline and safe from cyberattacks, and to support decentralized apps, Chen said.

There are still no details about the phone's non-blockchain related capabilities.

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In this most recent announcement, HTC gave more details in regard to the Exodus Blockchain smartphone, clearing the air around this hot topic.

To help with that aspect, HTC has also partnered with popular game Cryptokitties where you digitally trade cats, a fun way of exploring the blockchain.

He said further that it would be more hard to bring Exodus to China as "China has it different with everything, from regulations to how android even works in China". Today it became known that the blockchain smartphone Exodus is nearly ready for release, and that it will be released very soon.

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It should be able to store your encrypted data on the device instead of the cloud and also store your crypto wealth while giving you control of your private keys. In the meantime, the Exodus will act as a hardware wallet that makes use of decentralized apps. But many speculate that the company is riding on the success of the Q3 Exodus release, as a successful launch of this phone could see HTC move to clearer waters. The development process responsible for "the chief officer of decentralization" Phil Chen, who is known for his participation in the development of a virtual reality helmet HTC Vive.

"I want to say it will be available indefinitely everywhere outside of China".

"In the new internet age people are generally more conscious about their data, this a flawless opportunity to empower the user to start owning their digital identity".

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What do you think of the idea of a blockchain smartphone? A launch date for the end of 2018 has been confirmed by the company, which might be a technique to steer the conversation away from the phone while the company works on perfecting the phone.