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Dwayne Johnson says there is 'no need' to talk to Tyrese Gibson

14 July 2018

The "Late Show" host, who usually dedicates his monologue to making fun of President Donald Trump and other politicians, couldn't resist asking the star of "Skyscraper" if he actually takes the possibility of running for the presidency seriously. "Just to put it into context, the Washington Post posted a story and the gist of it was if I did run I would have a legitimate shot at winning".

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson stopped by The Late Show and addressed the demand from his fans that he runs for president.

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Andy also tried to get former wrestler Dwayne to open up about his feud with fellow Fast and Furious co-star Vin Diesel, but the 46-year-old opted to "plead the fifth", a reference to America's fifth amendment that allows witnesses to decline to answer questions.

"When that (article) started picking up, of course when I'm asked - yes, I have incredible respect for our American people and our country - so I said, 'Yes, I would consider it, '" he shared. And of course, I would.

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"But at the same time, Stephen, I mean look, I'm not delusional at all", Johnson specifies. Still, what's done is done and it seems that The Rock is fine with leaving things where they are "To me, there's no need to have a conversation".

"I have friends in high and low places". He was told that President Obama was going to make the announcement in 30 seconds, but then his announcement was delayed by an hour. Although there to promote his film and have a good time drinking tequila and singing with Colbert, Johnson also dropped an interesting tidbit.

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Johnson added, "I will say I have never looked a man directly in the eye when I sang that".

Dwayne Johnson says there is 'no need' to talk to Tyrese Gibson