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British divers not heroes, just relieved, after rescue

14 July 2018

Dr. Harris was part of a comprehensive team that ensured the 12 exhausted schoolboys-ranging in age from 11 to 16-along with their soccer coach, survived the grueling two-and-a-half mile journey out the cave.

Mr Stanton, from Coventry, is a key member of the team that trains and operates across Powys and Mid Wales.

"We're not heroes, what we do is very calculating, very calm, it's quite the opposite".

All members of the Wild Boards soccer team were transported by ambulance and helicopter to a hospital in the Thailand province of Chiang Rai, where they will remain until given the all clear from medical professionals.

Volanthen and his diving partner, Rick Stanton, discovered the boys on July 2, 10 days after they went missing in Tham Luang cave.

All 12 of the boys and their 25-year-old soccer coach were brought to safety over the course of a three-day rescue organised by Thai Navy Seals and an global team of diving and caving experts, including 11 from Britain, that ended on Tuesday.

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"Craig and I have had a spotlight on our efforts and we want to make everyone realise that while we might have become the face of this rescue for some reason, everyone should know that the role we played was no more or less important than all the many hundreds, perhaps thousands, of people I have mentioned", he said.

"Sometimes we are able to use that to give something back to the community and that's what we did". So, of course there were doubts.

When Volanthen, 50, arrived at Heathrow Airport in London later Thursday, he was greeted by reporters and cheered by people who recognized him. Searchers later found what they thought were the boys' handprints, giving them confidence the boys were alive and that the searchers were on the right path.

"The favourable outcome that has been achieved is nearly beyond our imagination when we first became involved in this operation", they said. They will stay in hospital at least a week.

"I think Dr. Harry, the Australian doctor, he's very good", Volanthen said. "So there was relief, tempered with uncertainty".

Mr Stanton would not describe how his team rescued the children, describing it as "too detailed for this point in time". "My job was to transfer them along", former Navy Seal Chaiyananta Peeranarong told the AFP news agency.

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"They are the toughest blokes and kids I have ever had the privilege to meet", he said in a conversation with the Prime Minister.

"The diving conditions were extremely challenging, there was poor visibility and responsibility for another human being's life".

'It was a successful outcome and we played a part in an global effort'.

"We must remember the tragedy of Saman", Mr Dennis said.

"The Thai authorities took a lot of steps to divert rivers on the mountain top which we believe bought us as lot of time to get this outcome", he said.

Mr Stanton was asked how he felt when he first saw the boys alive in the Luang Nang Non Cave.

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British divers not heroes, just relieved, after rescue