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Microsoft Releases Windows 10 1803 Update KB4338819 for Patch Tuesday

13 July 2018

It has made changes to the Windows Notepad app for the first time in many years. Business users can now authenticate remote desktop sessions using biometrics with Windows Hello, and a shared PC can be used more quickly thanks to a new "Fast Sign-in" feature.

While we can finally say goodbye to infinitely long lines of text, this update on a cult classic will probably still not change the notoriously not user-friendly reputation of this app. Additionally when text is selected, opening the Find dialog will automatically populate the search field with the highlighted text. When using the find and replace feature, checkboxes for Wrap around and Match case will now remember their states after closing and reopening the dialog box. Moreover, a few new tools such as "Add notes" have also been added to the toolbar.

Windows 10 Redstone 5, also likely to be known as 1809, is expected to start rolling out to mainstream users around October 2018. You can either navigate to the menu and select View Zoom, or use Ctrl + Plus, Ctrl + Minus and Ctrl + MouseWheel to zoom in and out. They can also delete the last word in their document by pressing ctrl+backspace.

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Microsoft improved the loading performance when you load large files in Notepad.

The status bar is now visible at the bottom of Notepad by default.

When saving a file in Notepad the line and column number don't reset to 1 anymore.

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Lines that don't fit the entire screen are displayed correctly.

Arrow keys now unselect text before moving the cursor, as you'd expect. It seems unlikely that Microsoft will port the features back to previous versions of Windows 10 or even older versions of Windows that the company still supports.

It is practically an infinite Whiteboard where you can use pen, keyboard, mouse, and fingers to doodle, write, type, and what have you.

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But while it's a useful collaboration tool, Microsoft knows not everyone will have a Surface device or a Windows 10 computer.

Microsoft Releases Windows 10 1803 Update KB4338819 for Patch Tuesday