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An Endangered Blue Whale Has Been Slaughtered by Icelandic Whalers, Reports Claim

13 July 2018

Sea Shepherd, another conservation group, claimed Wednesday that the dead whale was a blue whale as evidenced by experts they've spoken to and experience with the world's largest animal.

There are about 25,000 of them and 100,000 fin whales. "There were no characteristics of a blue whale, it is very easy to tell a blue whale in the ocean".

The whaling company accused of killing the blue whale, Kvalur hf, has denied any wrongdoing.

The animal rights campaigners Hard To Port published photos of the whale landing in Hvalfjörður.

The whale has been positively identified by experts as a blue whale, according to Sea Shepherd. "This should be a final wake-up call to Iceland that commercial whaling does not belong in the 21st century", she added.

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Peck says that most of the key appearance factors of a blue whale are there in the photographs he saw of the whale carcass. "Photographs point to the fact that it's a hybrid whale and we're nearly certain that it is one, but we can't be sure until autumn when we get it DNA tested".

Icelandic fishing magnate Kristjan Loftsson views the whale, believed to be a blue whale.

An Icelandic whaling company has been accused of slaughtering an endangered blue whale in a "deplorable act", provoking anger and condemnation from the worldwide marine conservationist community.

Phillip Clapham, of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Alaska Fisheries Science Centre, said: "While I can't entirely rule out the possibility that this is a hybrid, I don't see any characteristics that would suggest that. There is nearly no possibility that an experienced observer would have misidentified it as anything else at sea".

Sea Shepherd UK chief operating officer Robert Read demanded DNA samples be taken from the Hvalur 8's equipment, meat stocks, and storage to prove it illegally killed a blue whale.

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It claimed the animal showed all the features of a blue whale, including a "darker belly" and "bluish color". "There are a lot of blue whales off the Iceland coast, when we see the blows and sail to it, and we realize it is a blue and then we leave it and go and look for fin whales".

"Iceland's whaling is rogue and archaic and should command diplomatic criticism at the highest levels".

No blue whales have deliberately been caught since 1978, the International Union for the Conservation of Nature reports.

Sea Shepherd has had crew on the ground since the slaughter of whales began on June 20.

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An Endangered Blue Whale Has Been Slaughtered by Icelandic Whalers, Reports Claim