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LA woman held for July 4 beating of elderly man

12 July 2018

The victim was identified by police as Rodolfo Rodriguez.

The Los Angeles Times reported on Wednesday that Laquisha Jones was arrested on Tuesday night and booked for assault with a deadly weapon.

Jones, meanwhile, is being held on $200,000 bail. Rodriguez's family said they're grateful he'll eventually recover from his serious injuries, but they fear someone else may be targeted if those suspects remain on the streets. It was previously reported that Rodriguez accidentally bumped into a young girl on the sidewalk, leading the girl's mother to push Rodriguez to the ground.

"I'm just overwhelmed how anybody can do this to a human being at all", Mr Mendoza told CBS News.

One witness, Misbel Borjas, told the Los Angeles Times she was passing by in a vehicle when the incident occurred.

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During the attack, the woman reportedly yelled at Rodriguez to "go to back your [his] country".

Rodriguez had a broken jaw, broken cheekbones, two broken ribs and bruises on his face, back and abdomen, his family told CNN.

He spent five or six hours in a hospital, his family said. The Los Angeles Sheriff's Department said they have arrested the woman who allegedly hit Rodriguez.

Four men can also be seen joining the woman in the attack, according to video obtained by one of the witnesses.

'I didn't even bump into her kid, ' Rodriguez told CNN. "In the years I have been alive I have never offended anyone".

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Law enforcement officers have not located the weapon, and investigators are still determining if there were other attackers involved.

Borjas instead called 911 and took a picture of the woman, which she shared with police and put on social media.

Misbel Borjas, who lives near Rodriguez, told the newspaper that she saw a woman hit Rodriguez with a block of cement. "When I tried to videotape her with my cell phone, she threw that same concrete block, tried to hit my auto".

A GoFundMe campaign established by Mendoza for his grandfather's medical expenses has already blown way past its $15,000 goal, raising almost $200,000. Borjas said that as she was on the phone with 911, a few men returned to assault Rodolfo Rodriguez while he was on the ground. He recalled the attack while lying back in a reclining chair at his relatives' Willowbrook home.

Rodriguez is a lawful, permanent resident, according to The Times. "I'm in so much pain".

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LA woman held for July 4 beating of elderly man