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Israel fires missile at drone that entered from Syria

12 July 2018

Russian Federation has previously told Israel they don't have the capability of doing so, and that the Iranian presence is up to Syria.

The incident took place as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited Moscow to stress to Russian President Vladimir Putin that Israel will not tolerate an Iranian military presence in Syria.

"We know about your concerns, let's have a thorough talk about them", Putin told Netanyahu before reporters were asked to leave the room. Maybe he thinks there is a unique chance to end the Golan dispute in exchange for supporting the Assad regime regain control over the whole of Syria.

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Russian officials had no immediate comment on the meeting. In the past, Putin has turned a blind eye to Israeli strikes on Iranian and Hezbollah targets in Syria while making clear Russian Federation does not want Assad's rule endangered.

A Syrian drone infiltrated Israeli airspace Wednesday and was shot down by a Patriot missile fired by IDF aerial defense units in the north of Israel. The interception set off sirens on the Golan and nearby Jordanian border.

The IDF decried the infiltration as a violation of Israeli sovereignty. He added that the latter scenario was "not common".

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Israel has been on high alert as Damascus forces advance on rebels in the vicinity of the Golan, much of which Israel captured from Syria in 1967 and annexed in a move not recognised internationally. The United Nations last month renewed the mandate of its Golan observer force UNDOF and on Wednesday called on all parties to abide by the armistice.

Media reports suggested that at Monday's meeting in Helsinki, Putin and Trump could reach a deal that would envisage the deployment of Syrian government forces alongside the frontier with the Israeli-held side of the Golan Heights and the withdrawal of Iranian forces and their proxy Hezbollah militia from the area.

"Their use of military force in Syria would inevitably lead to an escalation of tensions across the entire Middle East region", he said.

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However, despite the major regional and worldwide transformations, he skeptically said: "They are relying on Putin in Israel". Netanyahu's government has made clear it would not now cede the Golan and has been lobbying for USA recognition of Israel's claim of sovereignty there.

Israel fires missile at drone that entered from Syria