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Google updates Inbox app to be compatible with the iPhone X notch

12 July 2018

To date, more than 4.5 million apps have been released on the iOS App Store with 77 per cent of all apps on its platform being games.

Since App Annie was only launched in 2010, its analysis can only count usage from July 2010 to December 2017, excluding the first two years of iOS App Store consumption. As you can see, subscription services like Netflix, Spotify, and even Tinder, bring the big bucks for Apple when it comes to apps, yet games account for the whopping 70% of the App Store revenue, play on! It also appears that more than 500 doctors and medical researchers have used Apple's ResearchKit and CareKit software tools for clinical studies involving 3 million participants on conditions ranging from autism and Parkinson's disease, etc. Since the day it was launched, the App Store has made huge impressions in terms of design and the utilities it provides.

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Apple says Apple Watch and HealthKit have "paved the way for developers to make health, fitness and wellness apps more innovative, intelligent and interactive", while downloads for these categories of apps have increased 75% since the launch of the wearable.

Apple also quotes developers of Temple Run on how the App Store changed their lives.

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According to Marco Arment, a long-time iOS developer, App Store has been by far the easiest way for developers to reach the most people with his apps. The app has been officially updated with support for the iPhone X and if you haven't downloaded the app already or updated it, you can do so by heading on over to the iTunes App Store for the download. Without it, AssistiveWare would likely still be a one-man Mac developer. The original iPhone when it launched in 2007, did not have an App Store. "Today, customers in 155 countries are visiting the App Store more often, staying longer and downloading and using more apps than ever before". Apple said today that its Today tab stories, which variously highlight new apps, go behind the scenes in development, and round up topical downloads, have been read by more than a million people. "Humanizing apps can only be a good thing and showcasing how they're made will inspire the next generation of creators from every corner of the world".

The post supplements Arment's praise as well, pointing out that before 2008, "the software industry was dominated by a few large companies" and that the App Store "opened the door for any developer, from one person shops to large studios", to build cool, quality apps and deliver them to a huge body of consumers.

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On July 10, the App Store will be 10 years old.

Google updates Inbox app to be compatible with the iPhone X notch