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WhatsApp suggests ways to combat fake news

10 July 2018

WhatsApp has enjoyed several new features this year, but the Facebook-owned team isn't stopping there.

Whatsapp New Salvo Against Fake News!

The outlet reports that version 2.18.206 of WhatsApp has brought the new feature to the table. However, there are no words from WhatsApp about the official release of the feature. The red label will hint that either it is phishing or spam link or is redirecting to a false news site. Nevertheless, if the user still proceeds to open the link, WhatsApp will alert him/her one final time that the link is possibly a suspicious link. "This will help reduce the spread of unwanted messages into important group conversations - as well as the forwarding of hoaxes and other content", said the company. The report highlights that WhatsApp will analyse the link locally and not data will be sent to WhatsApp servers in order to detect the suspicious link.

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But how exactly, this has not been shared.

In an advertisement, WhatsApp said technology companies, the government and community groups need to work together to fight fake news. To overcome the problem, Whatsapp has offered a grant of $50,000 to social researchers who can find a solution to avoid these tragic incidents.

Besides, Whatsapp is also introducing a label for forwarded messages, so that the reader is more empowered with the knowledge regarding its authenticity.

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The Facebook-owned messaging service has been under enormous pressure to curb the spread of misinformation in India after the lynching of more than 20 people accused of child abduction in the last two months.

We will keep you updated, as receive more information about Whatsapp's anti-fake news and anti-spam initiatives.

With fake news and lynchings more visible than ever, WhatsApp has become a convenient scapegoat for everything that's wrong with the country right now. The feature, called 'Suspicious Link Detection, ' is now in testing and will be rolled out in the near future.

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WhatsApp suggests ways to combat fake news