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Netflix Debuts "Smart Download" Feature As Boost For Binges

10 July 2018

Basically, when you finish watching a downloaded episode, Smart Downloads will delete it, and then automatically download the next episode. Of course, Netflix requires a paid subscription in order to watch or download movies or TV shows, something which we're sure you know about already.

Netflix has also launched Mobile Previews (available now on iOS and coming soon to Android) which will allow you to watch a 30 second trailer for content in a vertical format on your phone. So, in order to combat this situation, Netflix is rolling out a new feature today called 'Smart Downloads'. Smart Downloads will be particularly useful for users in developing markets, where many smartphones are entry-level devices with less storage available.

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Sadly there's still no one-stop option to download an entire season of a show, so if you're stocking up on episodes for a long flight, or a trip out somewhere with poor mobile coverage, you'll still need to do it manually. "Furthermore, if you don't have space and data constraints, you can always turn Smart Downloads off and download on Netflix the regular way", said Mr Johnson.

With Smart Downloads, the Netflix app will detect when a user has watched an episode, then remove it from the device and automatically add the next episode.

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If you do use it it's activated when you connect to wifi and are finished with an episode. And smart downloads will progress into the next season of a series.

It's limited to episodic TV series, not movies, standup specials or other kinds of programming.

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Users can disable the new feature if they want to keep the episodes they have watched on their device. "We're taking the point of view to not be presumptuous and let people choose for themselves".

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