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IOS 11.4.1 brings USB Restricted Mode but it has a bug

10 July 2018

Apple released iOS 11.4.1, tvOS 11.4.1, and watchOS 4.3.2 today with minor bug fixes for its iPhones, iPads, HomePods, Apple TVs, and Apple Watches, but there was one surprise in the software: USB Restricted Mode, a feature created to block iPhone-cracking USB devices used by law enforcement agencies, has finally arrived. This is the fifteenth update since iOS 11 released last September. It's only really a bug fix release and doesn't look to introduce any new functionality that should immediately break the performance of the device. Minor updates are also out for watchOS, tvOS and HomePod.

iPhone and iPad owners can download iOS 11.4.1 starting today. However, Apple had not released the details on its security page at the time of this posting, but expect them to appear sometime soon. You can, however, find USB Restricted Mode under the Touch ID & Passcode section of the Settings app as "USB Accessories". That seems to be the case for Apple's latest controversial security feature which was initially expected for iOS 12 in a few months.

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Using USB accessories to defeat the data port lock also works in Apple's iOS 12 beta, Afonin said.

Unlock iPhone to allow USB accessories to connect when it has been more than an hour since your iPhone was unlocked.

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However, if you aren't actually happy with the release, and you want to go back to an earlier version of iOS, then be aware that Apple is now only signing iOS 11.4, which means that you will only be able to downgrade to iOS 11.4. Finally, the HomePod update "includes general improvements for stability and quality". All devices that now run iOS 11 will be able to update to iOS 12 when it launches.

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IOS 11.4.1 brings USB Restricted Mode but it has a bug