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Fortnite Season 5 starting on July 12

10 July 2018

Here's everything you need to know.

This provides the information on when Season 4 ends and was recently updated to show that two extra days had been added to the official runtime.

In the lead-up to Season 5 of Fortnite, numerous users on Reddit, Twitter, and other areas of the internet have begun posting their findings of what appears to be an elaborate ARG that Epic Games is crafting based on Fortnite.

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So while Fortnite fans have a few extra days to complete their tiers, Season 4 will finish on Wednesday, July 11.

That means players can get ready to explore a revamped map and collect new loot through the battle pass on Thursday, July 12. As the latest teaser from the studio indicated, it appears that time travel and alternate dimensions will play some part of the next season, so that seems like a big clue behind the recent wave of Fortnite items appearing IRL.

What can you expect from the Season 5 Battle Pass?

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What major changes will we see to the map and game for Season 5?

The appearance of unusual portals or rifts all around the map coupled with the disappearance of signs, landmarks, and other places of interest certainly seem to suggest that this will be the biggest change we have ever seen. Like we saw with the meteor at the end of Season 3, Epic Games is teasing a huge event that will change various aspects of the island.

It expected that the season 5 battle pass will remain priced at around 950 V-Bucks, with the season 4 pass still available to anyone who wants to unlock its cosmetics. This time around, it looks like players will be seeing features from other worlds, as rifts open up and bring items in and out of reality.

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Epic tends to start releasing hints about the next season just as interest in the current one is beginning to die down so players are on their toes at just about all times and anticipation for what will come next is always high.

Fortnite Season 5 starting on July 12