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Eight boys rescued from cave in northern Thailand

10 July 2018

However, the rising floodwaters made it too risky for the rescuers, causing them to retreat. They began again at 11 am on Monday after the teams had stopped for the night to rest and to replenish equipment and oxygen supplies.

For the final operation tomorrow, Mr Narongsak said the rescuers would use the same plan with some adjustments because the number of survivors to be extracted would be five instead of four as was the case for the last two days.

Chiang Rai province's acting governor, Narongsak Osatanakorn, who is in charge of the rescue, voiced confidence Monday in the ongoing operation, provided the weather doesn't worsen.

The first four rescued boys have been placed in a ward set aside specifically for the cave rescue operation after being rushed from the cave by military helicopter, a source at the hospital said.

The names of the rescued boys were not released.

Among these were that none of the boys had scuba diving experience, and that they could easily panic while swimming underwater in darkness.

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Four other youngsters and their soccer coach are still inside.

The death of a former Thai Navy SEAL diver who ran out of oxygen in the cave on Friday underscored the danger of the journey even for professionals.

Twelve children and one adult were trapped in underground caves in northern Thailand on June 23rd, and a rescue mission is still taking place to bring the victims home.

Workers have been labouring around the clock to pump water out of the cave, and officials said that despite heavy downpours overnight, water levels inside the cave did not rise. He said those conditions will not last if the rain resumes.

The first stage of the mission ran "smoothly" and the rescued boys were in "good health", according to the Thai authorities.

A tiny submarine is on its way to Thailand, sent by Tesla CEO Elon Musk to help rescue the remaining members of a youth soccer team who are trapped in a cave.

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Among the ideas were drilling an escape route through the mountain, or leaving them for months until the monsoon season ended and the flooding subsided.

People around the world are following the developments in Thailand.

A spokesman for Musk's Boring Co tunnelling unit, which has four engineers at the cave, said Thai officials had requested the device.

President Donald Trump tweeted on Sunday: "The working very closely with the Government of Thailand to help get all of the children out of the cave and to safety. Very courageous and talented people!"

One of the boys, identified as Tun, wrote: "Mom and Dad, please don't worry, I am fine".

"Don't be anxious", wrote another boy, Mick.

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"I hope today we will be faster or the same speed as yesterday", Narongsak said.