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Pokemon GO Increases Pokemon Storage Limit

08 July 2018

Niantic has also revealed that Celebi will be coming to the game soon. Just days ago, Niantic added friends lists and trading, and it's only been a few months since research missions gave countless trainers a compelling reason to come back to the game. First, series mascot Pikachu and its pre-evolved form, Pichu, will appear much more frequently from July 6-31, and players will even have a chance to catch a special version of the Electric mouse for a limited time. That's all well and good, but Summer Style Pikachu - the one with the straw hat and sunglasses - is where it's at.

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It's nearly hard to believe that it has been two years since that fateful turn of events and Pokemon GO is now celebrating its birthday with an abundance of the Pokemon that really started it all: Pikachu.

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As part of the event, players can also unlock new Pikachu-themed clothing items for purchase by earning a gold "Pikachu Fan" badge. On its first anniversary, Pikachu donned Ash Ketchum's signature cap, after a party hat for Pokemon Day in February past year and was followed by a Santa hat during the United States holiday season. "We're excited to announce that Special Research on the Mythical Pokémon Celebi will be available globally in the near future". Either way, if you haven't completed the tasks to acquire Mew yet, you might want to prioritize those in the coming days.

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Pokemon GO Increases Pokemon Storage Limit