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July 2018 - Nuts may boost male fertility - News - SHOWCASE

07 July 2018

One group ate 60 grams, about two handfuls, of almonds, hazelnuts, and walnuts with their usual diet every day, while the second group ate none. Others followed the diet, in which nuts were included very rarely.

Fertility specialists in Spain examined the sperm of 119 healthy young men before and after a 14-week study during which half were randomly assigned to have 60g of mixed nuts added to their diet each day. The study lasted for almost four months (14 weeks), after which the researchers compared the sperm quality of both groups.

Men in the nut group also showed significantly reduced levels of sperm DNA fragmentation, which is closely linked to male infertility.

A trial found that nuts improve sperm count, vitality, swimming ability and shape - all factors that influence fertility. These four parameters, explained Salas-Huetos, are all associated with male fertility.

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The men who ate nuts saw a 16 percent spike in their sperm count on average, as well as improvements in the overall health of the reproductive cells.

Dr Salas-Huetos emphasised that subjects in the study were all healthy and apparently fertile men following a western-style diet, so the results can't be applied to the general population.

On being asked if men hoping to conceive a baby should add nuts to their everyday diet, he Salas-Huetos said, "We can't yet say that based exclusively on the results of this study".

"The fact that the study has taken place is good", said Virginia Bolton, a consultant embryologist at Guy's and St Thomas's hospital in London, "but we need to see this translated into an effect on fertility".

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"But evidence is accumulating in the literature that healthy lifestyle changes such as following a healthy dietary pattern might help conception", the doctor added, "and of course, nuts are a key component of a Mediterranean healthy diet". The study was funded by the International Nut and Dried Food Council.

According to new research, your man should be chowing down on nuts (sorry boys) as they increase his sperm count.

Nuts are important for improving sperm count says study. These are the main parameters measured to evaluate semen quality within a normal range.

The study recorded not just sperm parameters but also changes in several molecular factors, including sperm DNA fragmentation. Sperm DNA fragmentation can be tested by a range of assays.

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"We can't yet say that", Dr. Albert Salas-Huetos from the Human Nutrition Unit of the Universitat Rovira i Virgil in Reus, Spain said, "based exclusively on the results of this study".