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EU Parliament fails to pass criticised copyright amendments

06 July 2018

In a statement, Wikipedia suggests that if they pass, the proposals "will significantly limit the freedom of the Internet".

As many as 70 computer scientists, including the creator of the World Wide Web, Tim Berners-Lee, 169 academics and 145 human rights, press freedom, and scientific research organisations join hands with Wikipedia in opposition of the proposed law.

The reforms were pushed by European film and TV guilds, as well as artists such as Paul McCartney and publishers.

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The vote basically means that MEPs will have another chance to debate and amend Article 13 of the proposed EU Copyright Directive, which would force platforms such as Reddit and Facebook to examine and then censor user content, in case it breaches copyright.

The Verge reported the European Parliament vote was 318-278 to return the measure to the drawing board.

Wikipedia Is down in around three countries.It is in response to coming European Union voting on copyrighted material published on the net by users. As it has already happened in Spain and Germany, publishers and news platforms such as Google and Facebook are likely to stop referring to anyone else instead of paying for that link tax.

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The parliament said the USA should be given until 1 September to fix the issues.

The Save Your Internet petition gathered over 700,000 signatures and it is now planning the next stage of its campaign against Article 13. Voss and four other MEPs in favour of the overhaul criticised their opponents' "lies" and "fake news" during a press conference on Wednesday. "We can not stop the public pressure now".

Posting on Twitter, Julia Reda, an MEP for the German Pirate Party, and critic of the amendments, confirmed that protests were successful and that the EU Parliament had rejected the current versions of the amendments. "Indeed, I laud and thank Francis Zammit Dimech for his crucial vote that will ensure that our youngsters will have recording opportunities in the future", he said in an interview with Maltatoday.

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MEP Marc Joulaud denounced "a lobbying campaign of unprecedented violence orchestrated by U.S. tech giants".

EU Parliament fails to pass criticised copyright amendments