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Longest lunar eclipse of the century happening in July

05 July 2018

The "blood moon" is the longest total lunar eclipse of this century when the moon will be seen coloured in a reddish hue.

The total lunar eclipse comes months after the world got a glimpse of a total lunar eclipse in January.

A lunar eclipse occurs when the Sun, Earth and Moon line up perfectly, casting Earth's shadow on the moon while Super Blue Blood Moon is a moon that appears extra big and bright, and a blue moon.

Not only are total lunar eclipses attractive, but they have the added benefit of being safe. "It will be a golden opportunity for celestial enthusiasts in India as the eclipse will be visible nearly throughout the night", he said.

"The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and bad day of the Lord come".

This is the result of the moon's condition because it passes by the Earth's shadow. During the eclipse, when the moon passes through the shadow cast by Earth, the moon will take on a deep red to orange colour rather than completely disappear from sight. The eclipse will be somewhat noticeable for 3 hours and 55 minutes. A blue moon is second full moon amid a calendar month. Penumbral Eclipse begins and end period is 6 hours and 14 minutes.

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During opposition the planet will bask in direct sunlight, making it incredibly easy to spot among the stars with the naked eye.

However, the duration of the eclipse you see will depend on how close to moonrise or moonset the eclipse starts in your location.

Explaining the celestial phenomenon, Duari said a lunar eclipse takes place only at full moon.

The Dubai Astronomy Group will set up an integrated event for both lunar and mars events. The residents of planet Earth are going to witness yet another landmark event on July 27, 2018. People will see a special approach to the Red Planet - Mars, in the month of July, which will be the climax of its approach on the same day eclipse.

In 2018, Mars won't be quite as bright as it was in 2003.

All through July (especially in the final days), grab your binoculars and look up around midnight for the best views; also keep an eye out for Saturn, with its golden shine.

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This 2018 opposition of Mars isn't an ordinary opposition. Is it in anyway connected to Mars at opposition?

From Dubai, Mars closeness will be visible between 20:01 and 05:00. "That is why a full moon at or near lunar apogee adds to the duration of a total lunar eclipse", Mr Duari said.

At its most luminous, Mars will supersede Jupiter as the fourth brightest celestial object-after the Sun, Moon, and Venus-from July 7 to September 7.

Skywatchers in the US, however, will not be able to enjoy the rare event, unless they are willing to travel.

People will be able to monitor Mars through good quality telescopes and see some features of the surface of Mars, which is an unusual chance.

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Longest lunar eclipse of the century happening in July