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Greenpeace crash drone into French nuclear plant to highlight security issues

05 July 2018

Activists of the global non-governmental environmental organization "Greenpeace" explained his actions by a desire to prove that the building of nuclear power plants very vulnerable to external threats.

"The presence of these drones had no impact on the security of the installations", the company said. Activists voluntarily smashed them against the wall of the spent fuel storage pool next to reactor 2.

France produces concerning 75 percent of its electrical power from nuclear power in 19 nuclear websites run by the state-controlled EDF. EDF also claimed, "The fuel building is key for security, designed in particular to withstand natural or accidental damage".

A video released by the environmental group shows the drone zipping through restricted airspace above the Bugey plant about 25 kilometres (16 miles) outside Lyon before crashing into a building on site.

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'This action again highlights the extreme vulnerability of [these] types of buildings, which contain the highest amount of radioactivity in nuclear plants, ' Greenpeace said.

This isn't the first time Greenpeace activists have centered on French nuclear plants, either, as the group is eager to see these spent-fuel buildings (containing reactor cores in concrete pools) underground, and safeguarded from external attacks.

EDF reported that two drones had flown over the Bugey site during the incident, with one successfully intercepted by French police.

The superhuman stunt is one of many recent actions by Greenpeace activists at French nuclear facilities made to highlight security concerns.

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In October, Greenpeace activists broke through two security barriers and launched fireworks over EDF's Cattenom nuclear plant.

These stunts have sparked a parliament investigation into nuclear security, which is due to be presented on Thursday, Reuters reported.

In February, a French court handed suspended jail sentences - along with fines to several Greenpeace activists.

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Greenpeace crash drone into French nuclear plant to highlight security issues