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Steam was down after Summer Sale starts

24 June 2018

I say "looks like" because I literally can't get it to load at the moment without crashing, but it's the first ambitious sale meta-game I've seen Valve attempt in a while, so that's nice. Remember of course that this is a "New Era" Steam Sale, meaning no Daily Deals, Flash Sales, or any of the other fun stuff. Okay, go! Jump onto Steam for the Steam Summer Sale, which is going on now.

Crypt of the Necrodancer, a rogue-like rhythm game experience, is sold today for $2.99 or at an approximate discount of 80 percent.

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The cards are traditionally released a week before the Steam Summer and Winter sales, with them then turning into sales cards at the start of the sales.

There's usually some kind of theme to the Summer Sale, and this time around, that theme is space. Steam Database is a website dedicated to tracking what software Steam has in its library.

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The specials will be available for 14 days until 19:00 on Thursday 5 July 2018. I suspect it may run 14 days this year so as not to end on July 4.

Over the last few years, it has grown increasingly easier to get your game published on Steam, which also means it's easier for developers to get the scoop on upcoming Steam sales and leak the dates. But for developers, it's less clear.

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Among the developers and publishers is Stardock, which recently celebrated its 25 anniversary but if you missed the sale they were holding to mark the occasion, many of their games are on sale again now.

Steam was down after Summer Sale starts