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New Minecraft Cross-Play Trailer Throws Shade at Sony

22 June 2018

The question of being able to play games with players across platforms has become more and more relevant in the previous year with Sony being stubborn and not wanting to allow it. This time around, Nintendo could be looking at much more serious methods, as it has been reported that it may be blocking certain game cards from accessing its online services.

While Nintendo and Microsoft are embracing cross-platform play for Fortnite, the duo has now teamed up to highlight cross-platform play for yet another game, this time Minecraft. It turns out Nintendo implemented a four stage process which allows for "very strong anti-piracy measures".

To begin with your console checks it can connect to the internet and then verifies itself via a device authorization token.

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Nintendo and Microsoft are looking to hype up the angry rift that has grown between console gamers and Sony following its decision to ban Fortnite cross-play and cross-progression.

In the case of digital games, Nintendo perfectly prevents online piracy, SciresM said. If Nintendo bans a Switch from going online, it's at this stage the connection will fail. Nintendo's hands are nearly tied behind its back given how hackers and modders are spreading the word on a Switch exploit that Nintendo can't fix without making a Switch v2 with fixed hardware.

As Nintendo hasn't acknowledged the system, it is also unknown if such users will have any recourse of appealing their punishment.

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If you want the simple version, the claim is that Nintendo assigns every cartridge copy of its games a unique key.

The clip shows Xbox One and Switch owners playing Minecraft alongside each other, complete with each companies' respective red and green branding.

In Limbo, players follow a little boy through a unsafe, shadowy world as he attempts to reach a safe place and reunite with someone.

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New Minecraft Cross-Play Trailer Throws Shade at Sony