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California couple accused of torturing malnourished children to stand trial

22 June 2018

That day, on January 14, she took a deactivated cellphone that could still connect to 911, slipped out the window, and dialed, summoning Southern California authorities to what would eventually be dubbed the "House of Horrors".

"Clearly, the infliction of great bodily injury occurred to each one of these children", Schwartz said, according to ABC 7.

The siblings were frequently beaten and sometimes choked, prosecutors say. She also told sheriff's Deputy Manuel Campos that she hadn't bathed in a year and that she didn't know the date or the month, he testified.

A judge is hearing testimony Wednesday from law enforcement officers and considering whether there is sufficient evidence for David and Louise Turpin to stand trial.

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Despite the horror of the 911 call, the girl's voice sounded remarkably calm and clear while relating her experience.

In addition, authorities found out that two years prior, when Louise had found the teen watching a Justin Bieber music video on a cellphone she had borrowed from her sister, she began choking her.

David and Louise Turpin have been ordered to face trial on torture and child abuse charges. When she was 12, her father pulled her trousers down and placed her on his lap. David Turpin and wife, Louise Turpin are accused of mistreating 12 of their 13 children. "You want to die and go to hell". Louise Turpin faces one count of assault. She asked, "Do you want to die?" Yes, you do, you want to die. "She doesn't like us".

"They will wake up at night and they will start crying and they wanted me to call somebody", the girl said in the phone call. At Wednesday's court hearing, the chilling 911 call was played.

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"They are abusive", she said, according to People. Prosecutors Thursday discussed alleged physical abuse the children sustained while previously living in Texas.

Authorities said the abuse was so long-running the children's growth was stunted. They moved to nearby Perris, Calif., a few years later. The Turpins were unchaining two of them, an 11-year-old and a 14-year-old, as police stood at the door, Hestrin, the district attorney, told reporters. Schwartz dismissed an abuse charge pertaining to their youngest daughter, age 2. They allegedly spent much of their time locked in rooms with little freedom to socialize. "They were not allowed to have toys, although there were many toys found in the house that were in their original package and had never been opened".

The young man said he and his siblings had been suspected of stealing food and being disrespectful, Riverside County sheriff's Detective Thomas Salisbury said.

The siblings also were supposedly home-schooled and were kept away from the outside world. Some struggled to speak and a 12-year-old girl didn't know the full alphabet. "We now have recovered those journals, hundreds of them". The 17-year-old looked as if she was 10. The man said he had been tied up with ropes at first but later, after learning to wriggle free, was restrained with increasingly larger chains on and off over six years. Investigators described a home smelling of human waste, while the children showed obvious evidence of starvation - the oldest sibling weighed just 82 pounds. She also said she hadn't taken a bath in nearly a year. None had ever been to a dentist. Both remain jailed in lieu of $12 million bail each. They're facing 94 years to life imprisonment if convicted of all charges.

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California couple accused of torturing malnourished children to stand trial