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Trump habit of ripping up documents a headache for record-keepers

14 June 2018

According to them, no one can convince trump to abandon this habit.

Mr Lartey claimed his entire department was dedicated to the task of taping paper back together in the opening months of the Trump administration.

As career staffers who were abruptly forced to resign earlier this year, Solomon Lartey and Reginald Young Jr. told Politico that they were paid almost $66,000 a year to tape back together official documents that went through the Oval Office.

Trump reportedly still rips up scraps of paper and throws them out.

US President Donald Trump habitually tears up documents he is finished using, forcing White House record-keepers to gather up the pieces and tape them back together, news site Politico reported.

The Presidential Records Act requires that any document the president touches - memos, letters, emails - be preserved and sent to the National Archives as part of the historical record. But White House aides had a hard time convincing Trump to ditch the habit, so they improvised.

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To ensure he wasn't breaking the law, staffers would pick up the pieces, and send the fragments to the records management team.

Young recalled to CNN, "We put the contents on the desk and we literally had to spend hours per day piecing together the puzzle prior to taping them". And they got this story instead, with an aside about their being fired dutifully recorded near the end of the piece.

"We got Scotch tape, the clear kind", Lartey told the news website.

Solomon Lartey was the records management analyst at the White House.

"I had a letter from Schumer - he tore it up", he said.

He told Politico: "We had to endure this under the Trump administration".

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Neither the White House, nor the official that fired Lartey and Young responded to Politico's request for comment. He had never had to tape the president's papers back together again.

"I'm looking at my director, and saying, 'Are you guys serious?'" Young told Politico.

'It felt like the lowest form of work you can take on without having to empty the trash cans'.

"The only excuse that I've ever gotten from them", Young said of his firing, "was that you serve at the pleasure of the president".

You can read all of Politico's report here.

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Trump habit of ripping up documents a headache for record-keepers