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Netflix May Soon Offer Video Game Streaming

14 June 2018

Following the success of Minecraft: Story Mode, expect other Telltale games to make their way to Netflix as well.

In a statement, Telltale said it was "delighted by the response" to the idea of Minecraft: Story Mode coming to Netflix in the fall as an "interactive adventure".

A TechRadar article on Wednesday caused a flap by reporting Netflix would launch its first streamable game. "There's a broad spectrum of entertainment available today", the company explained. The company was adamant that it doesn't consider an interactive offering to be a game, but rather an extension of the cinematic experience.

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Telltale's interactive fare is well suited to Netflix's streaming service. Players will be able to control the game with any remote control device equipped with directional and select buttons, which will allow them to select dialogue options.

Meanwhile, the other gaming project TechRadar had uncovered - a game related to the Netflix hit "Stranger Things" - is something that will launch in Telltale's platform at a later date, Netflix says.

In regard to both projects, Telltale Games stated that "our partnership with Netflix is something we're incredibly proud of", and while the studio has not released any other details regarding its collaboration with Netflix, the studio said it will "reveal details on these projects later in the year".

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That feeling of euphoria when you watch episodes of your favorite show can quickly fade when you sit through the intro, time after time.

Back in December we reported on the possibility of Netflix offering branching path content, and had even pointed to Telltale's The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones as flawless examples of limited interaction experiences that could fit with Netflix's technology. You can always fast forward, but we are lazy creatures. If ... But now it's ready to give games a try.

Netflix said the deal doesn't represent any kind of entree by the company into the video-game market. Now, according to TechRadar, it's getting into the gaming business. No running, jumping, shooting, or climbing that would necessitate an actual video game controller. If streaming the games is part of your monthly payment - i.e., there are no extra charges for playing games - it would be a no-brainer for Telltale fans to start a subscription.

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Netflix May Soon Offer Video Game Streaming