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MP warns Russian women from sleeping with World Cup guests

14 June 2018

A member of parliament has said Russian women should not have "intimate relations" with foreigners during the World Cup and warned against biracial babies.

"These children suffer and have suffered, even since Soviet times", Pletnyova, chairwoman of the Family, Women, and Children Affairs Committee, was quoted by radio station Govorit Moskva, as saying. She said that she has received complaints from some Russian women who moved overseas after marrying foreigners and eventually lost custody of their children. "I know that the children suffer as well, and then they are abandoned and stay here with the mother".

Asked if the World Cup could cause a spike in Russia's birth rate - a key goal for President Vladimir Putin - Pletnyova replied: 'We should be giving birth to our own children'.

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Thousands of soccer fans from 31 countries are travelling to the World Cup in Russian Federation that kicks off on Thursday with an opening ceremony in the capital followed by a match between the host team and Saudi Arabia. "They've suffered in the past, since the Soviet period". "It's lucky if they're the same race (as the mother) but if they're of another race, it's worse", she said, adding "I'm not a nationalist".

She also suggested that should a Russian woman get pregnant, it would be better if the father of the child was "of the same race". "Then they come to me in the committee, these crying girls, because the child has been shipped away, taken and so on".

'I would have liked people in our country marry for love, regardless of nationality'.

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"I would like to see marriages in our country for love, regardless of the nationality, between those who are citizens of Russian Federation, who will build a good family, live with togetherness, have children and raise them", she said.

Unsurprisingly this lawmaker has made similarly prudish comments before, once criticizing the crop top of a local journalist.

Pletneva previously criticised the #MeToo campaign against sexual harassment, tentatively spreading in Russian Federation.

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A senior lawmaker is advising Russian women to be vigilant during romantic encounters with foreign fans flocking to Russia for the World Cup. Why should we copy everything?

MP warns Russian women from sleeping with World Cup guests