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Jaguar E-Pace gets tech and engine update

14 June 2018

New updates for Tata Motors-owned Jaguar's E-Pace compact SUV launched a year ago include "self-learning" Smart Settings technology, Adaptive Dynamics suspension and a new 200PS Ingenium petrol engine option.

The E-Pace compact SUV is already proving to be a considerable success for Jaguar.

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Cost-effective 200PS petrol engineE-PACE is now available with Jaguar Land Rover's clean and efficient 200PS 2.0 litre four-cylinder turbocharged Ingenium petrol engine for the first time, priced from £33,260. It emits 186g/km of CO2, with average fuel consumption of 34.4mpg. The system recognises different drivers based on which key they used to unlock/start the vehicle and the Bluetooth signal from their phone, then adjusts various parameters to suit. So it can, for example, know to pre-heat the steering wheel and seats on a cold morning, or queue up a playlist based on the time of day. Up to eight profiles can be set up which, Jaguar said, makes this a worthwhile option for fleet users and those who share their vehicles.

The Predictive Call List feature learns patterns of phone use to suggest calling certain people in your phonebook at a certain time. The Smart Settings is offered as part of the Connect Pro Pack, which also consists of a 4G Wi-Fi Hotspot, Pro Services and navigation.

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Adaptive Dynamics provides greater scope to tune the balance between handling responses and body control. The set-up delivers faster responses and a dedicated off-road tune. We're also told the system learns your habits over time (we're not sure whether we like this or not...), and can then change settings based on time, location and even weather.

The 2.0-litre Ingenium petrol sends the new entry-level E-Pace to 60mph in 7.7sec. It responds to the driver's input and road surface changes to provide better control and minimise body roll. The filters are integrated into the after-treatment system and trap ultrafine particulates as the exhaust gases pass through.

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But the British luxury manufacturer isn't sitting on its laurels with the E-Pace as it's already enhancing the popular luxury crossover by broadening its range of engines and adding adaptive suspension and AI tech to the menu.

Jaguar E-Pace gets tech and engine update