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How anti-Trump hysteria helps the president on North Korea

14 June 2018

"What does it mean to stop war games?" said Ambassador Joseph Yun, who served as the USA special envoy on North Korea at the end of the Obama administration and during President Trump's initial months in office.

He said: "Today, the Republic of North Korea has one of the strongest cyber armies in the world - stronger than China's, Israel's, Russia's and even the US".

Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe spoke to Donald Trump after the summit, saying there was "great meaning in Chairman Kim's clearly confirming to President Trump the complete denuclearisation".

But some argue North Korea didn't go any further than previous promises. "Only then will there be relief from the sanctions".

Upon returning from the Singapore summit with North Korea's Kim Jong Un, trump tweeted Wednesday that it was "so funny" to watch coverage by NBC and CNN, whom labeled as "fake news" and "fools", as he indicated both networks were doing their best to downplay the agreement with North Korea.

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Trump declared that "there is no longer a Nuclear Threat from North Korea", in a series of tweets posted upon returning to the us after his meeting with Kim.

But no rational and objective observer who followed the summit and saw Trump and Kim behaving so cordially can believe that Trump is leading the USA into a nuclear war with North Korea.

The Singapore agreement does not detail plans for North Korea to demolish a missile engine testing site, a concession Trump said he'd won, or Trump's promise to end military exercises in the South while negotiations between the USA and the North continue. After a three-way meeting with Pompeo and Japan's top diplomat, South Korean Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-wha suggested the US still had some explaining to do, telling reporters that the issue of the drills "was not discussed in depth".

"I looked at the document and I said, 'Is this for real?'" he said. He also has clearly indicated that withdrawing United States troops from South Korea was on the table for the future. "A lot of pundits think it was a mistake to meet with an unstable dictator, but Kim Jong Un said, 'You know what?"

Another headache for USA officials in Japan: The agreement says nothing about North Korean short- and medium-range missile tests and development, a particular concern for Japan, located a chip shot away from North Korea.

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Pompeo said Trump would resume the military drills if North Korea stops negotiating in good faith.

In North Korea, the official KCNA news agency described the summit as an "epoch-making meeting" that would help foster "a radical switchover in the most hostile (North Korea)-US relations". Trump agreed to halt U.S.

"Let me assure you that "complete" encompasses verifiable in the minds of everyone concerned".

"It has been an Un-precidented 24 hours for the United States and North Korea as our president, Donald Trump, met with his favorite Little Rocket Man", Kimmel started out.

"So that's good for a number of reasons, in addition to which we save a tremendous amount of money", Mr Trump said. The next scheduled major exercise, involving tens of thousands of troops, normally is held in August.

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How anti-Trump hysteria helps the president on North Korea