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Final Fantasy XIV and Monster Hunter

14 June 2018

Although there was no new armor shown, but it would be a serious missed opportunity if some of the wonderfully designed Monster Hunter: World armor did not make it into the crossover. Square Enix remade the game and rereleased it as Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, which received a much warmer reception. We saw a Palico companion in Final Fantasy XIV's world, as well as a Rathalos. And yes, Square Enix isn't shying away from the fact you can skip the grind to level 70 with the use of optional, purchasable items. Which is neat, and also makes me wonder if Rathian, Rathalos' female counterpart, or indeed any other Monster Hunter: World monsters, will make an appearance.

Final Fantasy XIV and Monster Hunter: World are crossing over (updated)
Final Fantasy XIV is Getting a Monster Hunter World Crossover This Summer

The latest Monster Hunter: World crossover will see Final Fantasy 14's Behemoth come to the game, so good luck with that fight. There were not a lot of details in the trailer, but there was a release date for the new content, which is scheduled for Summer 2018. The Final Fantasy XIV update, titled Under the Moonlight, will bring with it brand new quests as a new update to 2017's Stormblood expansion. The live stream will begin June 12 at 11:00 AM PDT.

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Final Fantasy XIV and Monster Hunter