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120 countries blame Israel for 'excessive' force against Palestinians

14 June 2018

The United Nations General Assembly voted Wednesday to blame Israel for violence in Gaza last month, rejecting a USA amendment that would have condemned Hamas as well.

A similar Security Council resolution was vetoed earlier this month by the United States for being "fundamentally imbalanced" and "grossly one-sided", U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley said.

The draft General Assembly resolution calls for "immediate steps towards ending the closure and the restrictions imposed by Israel on movement and access into and out of the Gaza Strip".

The resolution condemned the "firing of rockets from the Gaza Strip against Israeli civilian areas", which have increased following clashes, and requested the United Nations secretary general submit a written response regarding the safety of the Palestinian civilian population.

U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley appealed, citing another rule that says only a majority vote was required.

The adopted resolution calls for "consideration of measures to guarantee the safety and protection" of Palestinian civilians.

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The vote at the General Assembly was 120 votes in favor, 8 votes against, and 45 abstentions, for the resolution entitled "Protection of the Palestinian civilian population".

"We had more countries on the right side than the wrong side", Haley said.

Riyad Mansour urged an emergency meeting of the 193-member world body Wednesday to do everything to protect civilians and to avert further destabilization so as encourage the possibility of peace "for which we have not yet lost all hope".

The U.S.' support for Israel during the recent uptick in violence on the Gaza-Israel border has been criticized by many human rights groups.

Kushner and Greenblatt also have laid the blame for violence on Israel's border with the Gaza Strip exclusively on Hamas, the terrorist group that controls Gaza.

"We need action. We need protection for our civilian population".

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"By supporting this resolution you are colluding with a terrorist organisation, by supporting this resolution you are empowering Hamas", Israel's United Nations ambassador Danny Danon told the General Assembly before the vote. "Is that a crime to ask for?".

The almost identical resolution proposed by Kuwait was vetoed by the U.S. in the Security Council on Tuesday.

They followed the same route they took in December after the United States vetoed a Security Council resolution calling on President Donald Trump to renounce his recognition of Israel as Jerusalem's capital.

Human Rights Watch said Wednesday that Israel's use of lethal force against Palestinian demonstrators in the Gaza Strip in recent weeks may constitute war crimes. Unlike the Security Council resolutions, those adopted in the General Assembly are non-binding.

"We can not remain silent in the face of the most violent crimes and human rights violations being systematically perpetrated against our people", Mansour said.

Clashes along Israel's border with Gaza have escalated significantly in recent months, following USA recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital which infuriated Palestinians, who share claims to the city.

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120 countries blame Israel for 'excessive' force against Palestinians