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Virginia Primary Voter Guide

13 June 2018

Election experts say people shouldn't draw too many conclusions from one election night, but Tuesday's results could help guide the narrative about whether a "blue wave" is coming.

Stewart, who narrowly lost out on the GOP's gubernatorial nomination a year ago, will face incumbent Democrat Tim Kaine, the former Virginia governor who most recently his party's vice presidential nominee, in November.

Under the system, used now in a few local jurisdictions, the election is over if one candidate wins a majority. Polls will be open from 6 a.m. until 7 p.m.

For the first time ever, unaffiliated voters will be able to vote in the primary election, but they will need to choose which party they'd like to vote with. Sanford was a vocal Trump critic in 2016, when the NY businessman scored a critical victory in the South Carolina Republican presidential primary. The state will be the first in the nation to use ranked choice in statewide elections on Tuesday. Allred still looks every bit the National Football League defender he was before becoming a civil rights attorney.

Chris Giunchigliani one of the Democratic candidates for governor goes door to door in Las Vegas seeking support
Virginia Primary Voter Guide

All 79 polling locations are closed.

Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval is term-limited, opening up his seat for the 2018 election to a crowded field.

Incumbent Republican Dean Heller and Democratic Rep. Jacky Rosen are most favored to represent their parties, in a race CNN now rates as a toss-up. In 2016, she urged him to drop out of the presidential race over his 2005 lewd comments about women - captured on an "Access Hollywood" microphone. Sanford is facing a strong primary challenge from state Sen.

Although Trump remains very popular in South Carolina, McMaster has been shadowed by a corruption probe involving a longtime political consultant.

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MCMASTER OF HIS OWN FATE: The Palmetto State is home to one of the most compelling gubernatorial contests of the year. Arrington, who partially self-funded her campaign, argued she would be a better team player for the president than Sanford has been. While she accused the congresswoman of avoiding hard questions from her constituents, Comstock said she prefers small-group meetings and tele-town halls that can reach thousands of people at once. Sanford had been battling to ensure a runoff, which would have occurred if no candidate reached the 50 percent-plus-one vote threshold.

Nevada Republican Dean Heller has secured his party's nomination as he seeks re-election to the U.S. Senate.

Tuesday is Election Day in Wisconsin, as voters are heading to the polls to select a new state senator and a new state representative.

Democrats are also hoping for Republican votes. Their top target is Rep. Barbara Comstock's 10th District in the DC suburbs. The former governor and 2016 vice-presidential nominee became his party's nominee in March, when no other Democrats filed to run against him. CNN rates both as Lean Republican.

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The wealthy Las Vegas philanthropist, who has an endorsement from Vice President Joe Biden and financial backing from several national abortion rights groups, is expected to face Republican Danny Tarkanian in November. CNN rates it Likely Republican. She also accused White House Republicans of condemning migrants to a "lifetime of violence or even death, just to score political points with their base". CNN rates this race as Lean Democrat.

Paul Pelletier, another Democratic candidate in the race who spent 27 years as a prosecutor, has taken a similar position, telling his hometown paper in MA that "there's enough evidence for the House to investigate".

ME is the first state in the nation to try Instant Runoff Voting, a style of voting passed in 2016 that allows voters to rank their candidates in preference from first to last.

The backlash Sanford faced at the ballot box shows why so many lawmakers are hesitant to cross the president for fear of retribution.

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Virginia Primary Voter Guide