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IL officer saves 1-year-old seen running on highway

13 June 2018

Police also released this footage of Sergent Anthony Mannino stopping his patrol vehicle and running after the toddler on Route 59, before picking him up to comfort him.

But as he drew closer, he realized it was a 1-year-old boy running along the highway's right lane, just steps away from passing cars. The 1-year-old was running alongside traffic, including large trucks whizzing by at unsafe speeds. The Naperville, Illinois Police Department awarded Mannino for his life-saving actions. Mannino parked his cruiser to block traffic, then ran to the little boy who was eventually reunited with his mother.

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A heroic police officer rescued a child wandering in the middle of a highway in IL.

"You're OK. You're OK", said Mannino, when he caught up to the boy. Mannino then alerts dispatch that he has him and would begin searching for his parents.

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Police said on Facebook that the boy escaped his mother's watchful eye and left his house - he was fortunately not hurt. Police ruled the incident an accident.

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IL officer saves 1-year-old seen running on highway