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Google Home can now handle three queries at once

13 June 2018

Queries can involve fetching information from the web, as well as performing commands on connected smart home devices.

In November, Google Home gained the ability to multitask with added support for a feature called "multiple queries", which allows you to combine two requests into one voice command. To this end, Google Home can now respond to strings of up to three commands at once. However, you'll probably use something more along the lines of "Ok Google, turn on the lights in the kitchen and turn off the lights in the bedroom".

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Right now the feature works in English-speaking countries like the US, UK, Australia and Canada.

Previously, asking to "turn off living room and bedroom" when referring to those home control groups simply didn't work. But the additional new command support will be helpful particularly for connected households, where users may need to juggle more tasks?

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Google made this announcement on its Made By Google Twitter page, and at the time of publication, it's rolling out to users across the United States. For instance, you will be able to say, "Ok Google, switch on the lights and play music and turn up the volume", all in one go, and Google Assistant will do all that for you.

With this latest firmware update, though, Google can intelligently recognize these commands.

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Of course, you can also say, "Hey, Google" to get the Assistant listening.

Google Home can now handle three queries at once