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Main » G-7 summit with Trump was a ‘sobering’ experience, Merkel says

G-7 summit with Trump was a ‘sobering’ experience, Merkel says

13 June 2018

Merkel, French President Emmanuel Macron and the other leaders clashed with Trump over steel and aluminum tariffs as well as his decision to abandon a deal with Iran to limit its nuclear program.

But within minutes of the official summit communiqué, Trump lashed out at Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau accusing him of making "false statements" during the closing news conference.

Although U.S. senators have warned that a spat risks launching a "trade war", the key factor behind Trump's apparent policy zigzag was a matter of his image ahead of a first ever meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un this week, according to Trump's economic adviser Larry Kudlow. "They don't take our farm products", Mr Trump complained at the news conference.

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Paris also delivered a withering response to the United States president's tweeted instruction for American officials to withhold their endorsement.

"We spent two days producing a statement and commitments", the statement said. "We stand by it and whoever leaves it and turns their back on it is showing inconsistency and lack of character".

The German leader said she had no idea of Donald Trump's motive for suggesting to revive the G8 format.

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Last year, the U.S. president was wowed by a French military parade in Paris after being invited to join Mr Macron for his country's annual Bastille Day celebrations. "We were talking while we were waiting for the final copy of the document", the president said.

Trudeau, who announced that the G7 had issued a joint communique, had to suffer the wrath of Trump.

"I can not be part of an integration summit where there is one participant who in an article compared my strategy on homeland to the homeland understanding of the Nazis", Seehofer told reporters.

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"And I said, "Oh that's nice, Justin's giving a" - And then he talked about how they won't be bullied. Our Tariffs are in response to his of 270% on dairy!"

At the summit, of which the build-up to had been dominated by Mr Trump's decision to slap tariffs on steel and aluminium imports, the world leaders had agreed a statement that read: "We acknowledge that free, fair and mutually beneficial trade and investment, while creating reciprocal benefits, are key engines for growth and job creation".

Europe will not let Trump do "whatever he pleases", the German chancellor said, adding that "we will not allow ourselves to be deceived again and again".

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The German chancellor also said she is not ready to "give up on G7" but would seek dialogue with Russian Federation and try to "work very closely" with Japan, Canada, India and China. Russian Federation was booted after its annexation of Crimea from Ukraine in 2014.

G-7 summit with Trump was a ‘sobering’ experience, Merkel says