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Dennis Rodman broke down in tears talking about North Korea-US situation

13 June 2018

Rodman said: "It's a great day". "They want the remains of their fathers, and mothers, and all of the people that got caught into that really brutal war, which took place, to a large extent, in North Korea". Just like Kanye was big mad that he didn't get a meeting with Obama, Rodman shed MAGA tears that Obama wouldn't meet with him over his North Korean BFF.

According to Rodman, Kim said he'd be "willing to talk" to Obama under certain conditions.

The U.S. still maintains around 28,500 soldiers in South Korea.

Rodman says he tried to deliver the message to Obama, but was met with rejection. "I will continue aiming to resolve concerns such as the abduction, nuclear and missile issues", he said.

As President Donald Trump portrays his meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un as a major success, actual experts in foreign policy and diplomacy have a very different perspective.

"Today is a great day for everybody, Rodman told CNN".

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"The drills and the United States military stationed in South Korea play a vital role in East Asia's security", Japan's defence minister Itsunori Onodera said when asked about Trump's surprise announcement. I knew it, I was the only one.

The ICBM has been a grave concern for the USA, as the North was seen using the missile capability to keep American forces at bay and undercut the credibility of the U.S.' security commitment to its Asian allies.

But Kim says this is false.

There is also speculation that the North Korean leader would visit Beijing on his way back from Singapore or will soon apprise Chinese President Xi Jinping about his talks with Trump.

Dandong is a little more than 500 miles from Beijing, but sits extremely close to the elusive North Korea.

"I'll give whatever support is needed to my friends, President Donald Trump and Marshall Kim Jong Un", Rodman tweeted ahead of the summit.

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"I want to bring our soldiers back home", Trump said, adding that it was "not part of the equation right now".

Japan's Minister of Defence Itsunori Onodera told reporters Wednesday that joint military exercises were "vital" for East Asian security and hence should not be suspended.

"He wasn't, but I like Dennis".

But Daniel Davis, a retired army lieutenant colonel and fellow at the Defence Priorities military think tank, said suspending the drills would have no short term impact on USA and South Korean military readiness. Didn't you know all you needed to do was to wait till the Americans elected a clown who would do anything for just a photo op??? Rodman is known for being one of the best rebounders in National Basketball Association history.

Yet there are 180 "vastly more capable" warheads positioned in the US, Russian, Britain and France on "high alert" and prepared to be fired at a moment's notice.

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Dennis Rodman broke down in tears talking about North Korea-US situation