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Canada parliament slams US' Trudeau attack

13 June 2018

Trump also renewed attacks on Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who had hosted the G-7 meeting in Quebec.

That was the message Tuesday as U.S. President Donald Trump continued to take personal shots at Justin Trudeau, blasted Canada's dairy industry and threatened to make Canadians pay for the prime minister's alleged effrontery.

Speaking at a conference in Washington on Tuesday, Navarro said his "job" in appearing on Fox News Sunday in the chaotic aftermath of the G7 summit in Quebec had been "to send a signal of strength". "I own that, that was my mistake, those were my words".

Trudeau, at a press conference at the end of the summit, had announced that Canada's retaliatory tariffs against the us would go into effect July 1. "No biggie", the Twitter account Trudeau's Eyebrows (yes, that's an actual Twitter account) tweeted. Trudeau had used similar language in the past, and Canada threatened retaliatory tariffs before the G-7 got underway in response to the US duties on metal. He didn't specify what he considered false about Trudeau's statements.

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Trudeau said at the press conference that Canada would not be "pushed around" by the United States.

Scaramucci went on to say that Trump has great respect for Trudeau, likes him personally and thinks he is an effective leader - and that Canadians shouldn't read too much into Trump's personal attacks.

However, the G7 summit was overshadowed by U.S. president Donald Trump's trade policy to impose tariffs on metals to EU, Canada and Mexico together with the fact that he left before the official climate talks begin showing his distinct stance to drop off the Paris agreement.

It's unclear what additional action the US would take against Canada. Canada is joined by other major economies, including Germany and France, who have found the idea "insulting" that trade agreements between allies could be called security matters.

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Francis agreed that "the trade deficit thing is nonsense, because we get the benefit of that", but made an appeal for bringing all tariffs down. Monday afternoon, NDP Member of Parliament Tracey Ramsey introduced a motion, which was unanimously adopted in the House, to stand in solidarity with Justin Trudeau, regardless of political stripe. "Now, the United States because of bad management at the top, because of presidents that didn't care about trade or didn't understand it or whatever reason, for many years with China being obviously the most successful at it but the European Union is second, 151 billion we lost, they were represented at the meeting, and we're being taken advantage of on trade".

On Monday, MPs in the House of Commons approved a motion denouncing Trump's name-calling tirade and endorsing Trudeau's decision to stand his ground against USA tariffs and tweeted presidential threats.

That means Canadian stores shelves look a lot like USA shelves, and Canadians drink Starbucks while wearing Nikes, talking on their iPhones and munching Doritos.

Here at home, Trudeau refused to engage, telling reporters on his way into cabinet that he supports the North Korea talks but wouldn't talk about the president's latest threats to Canada.

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Canada parliament slams US' Trudeau attack