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Trump tweeting about G-7 before Kim meeting

12 June 2018

"We are in agreement that a return of Russian Federation to the G-7 can not happen unless substantial progress is made in terms of the problems with Ukraine", Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel said.

US President Donald Trump's attempt to overthrow or renegotiate a series of worldwide agreements constitutes a threat to the post Cold War order, European Union president Donald Tusk warned on Friday. We will also definitely go into talks with our. partners, especially Canada and Japan, and again see how we could work closer together.

The White House has downplayed reports of tensions between the leaders, but stressed that the president is committed to overhauling trade practices.

Concerned about Trump's approach to tariffs, Merkel on Friday proposed the creation of a "shared evaluation mechanism" on USA trade, a forum aimed at defusing tensions between the United States administration and the European Union.

The centre-right leader said a tariff-free area among G7 allies would be an ideal outcome, but she made clear that any talks about such a trade bloc would have to include non-tariff barriers to trade as well as free access to public tenders.

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Trump announced in tweets following his early departure from the summit that he would refuse to sign the communiqué as a result of press conference comments by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Another image of the same gathering however suggests a more relaxed interaction, with Merkel smiling and Trump making eye contact. Trump said the tariffs are necessary for national security. And he prefers autocrats like Putin to democrats like Germany's Angela Merkel and Macron. When the German government protested, the Trump administration backed Grenell.

The European leader-famed for negotiating compromise without political histrionics-gave an uncharacteristically candid and combative assessment of relations with Trump as she spoke to German channel ARD, after last week's G-7 summit.

Trump argued that Moscow was too important to isolate. "Europe", tweeted Florida's GOP Sen.

Although Trump and Kudlow have since claimed Trudeau "stabbed us in the back" and was the reason for the U-turn, it is Trump's actions that other G7 leaders appeared to find frustrating.

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So what motivates Trump's love for autocrats? Autocrats can act solo (and don't have to worry about the rule of law, a Trump dream, as we saw last week). "The president is at ease with all of these tough issues".

The French President has been desperately trying to recruit the German Chancellor as he seeks support for his proposed reforms - a separate Eurozone budget, a Europe-wide finance minister and a new bailout fund - as he hopes to replicate the International Monetary Fund and create a European Monetary Fund. He is leaving himself alone without allies.

"The other countries of the G6 are a larger market than the American market", Mr Macron said.

Trudy Rubin is a columnist and editorial-board member for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

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Trump tweeting about G-7 before Kim meeting