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Main » Trump predicts 'terrific relationship' with Kim Jong Un as historic summit begins

Trump predicts 'terrific relationship' with Kim Jong Un as historic summit begins

12 June 2018

"I feel really great", Trump said alongside Kim. He said he would discuss it "at great length" at an upcoming news conference, and indicated it would be made available publicly.

Speaking through an interpreter, Kim alluded to the longstanding enmity between his country and the United States. Trump said he was sure they would have a "terrific relationship". Trump hopes the talks with the rogue kingdom's despotic leader will amount to a historic breakthrough.

Kim is due to leave on Tuesday afternoon, a source involved in the planning of his visit has said.

"Meetings between staffs and representatives are going well and quickly. but in the end, that doesn't matter", he said. "We will all know soon whether or not a real deal, unlike those of the past, can happen!" he wrote.

North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un shakes hands with US President Donald Trump at the start of their historic US-North Korea summit at the Capella Hotel on Sentosa island in Singapore
Trump predicts 'terrific relationship' with Kim Jong Un as historic summit begins

At the start of the summit, the two leaders who once threatened each other with nuclear annihilation shook hands on a red carpet in front of the island resort hotel chosen for the meeting.

Should they succeed in making a diplomatic breakthrough, it could bring lasting change to the security landscape of Northeast Asia, like the visit of former US President Richard Nixon to China in 1972 led to the transformation of China. According to the White House's public schedule, after 45 minutes they will then participate in an expanded meeting joined by their officials before sitting down for a "working lunch".

With a handshake scheduled for 9 a.m., Trump and Kim and their translators will meet first in a session that could stretch up to two hours before they allow their respective advisers to join them, said the USA official, who was not authorized to speak publicly about internal deliberations and insisted on anonymity.

In the lead-up to the summit, U.S. and North Korean officials were convening contentious final-hour negotiations in a Ritz Carlton hotel here in a bid to narrow gaps on key aspects of the meeting. In question is Pyongyang's precise commitment to nuclear disarmament, and the security guarantees the United States is willing to offer in return. The language in that document has been the fraught topic of discussion at the 11th-hour negotiations. "Many of us are praying for a successful meeting in #Singapore".

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Trump entered the Kim summit less than a week after an acrimonious Group of 7 meeting in which he and longtime American allies argued about trade policy. "It's unbelievable when I said those things, when I said those damn things, when I went back home, I got so many death threats", Rodman said. The handshake was firm but passed without Trump's customary antics as the two portly leaders smiled and looked each other in the eye for about 12 seconds. "The White House said the president" Agreed to consult closely following the meeting". Before he leaves he'll sit for an interview with his friend, the Fox host Sean Hannity, and convene a media availability for other reporters.

A United States official confirmed to CNN Trump's departure was moved up by more than 12 hours because Kim set his own departure for shortly after the summit, as first reported by Bloomberg. I knew things were going to change. "And I didn't understand and expect all of the things when I went over there".

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Sung Kim, the U.S. ambassador to the Philippines who has taken the lead on policy negotiations with the North, will hold a "working group" with a North Korean delegation.

Seoul lives under constant threat of an attack by North Korea, and the country's leadership has been adamantly promoting diplomatic talks in order to avoid a full-blown conflict, especially as Pyongyang appeared closer to developing a nuclear weapon that could fit on an intercontinental ballistic missile.

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The White House said the daylong summit would also include a working lunch and a larger meeting involving aides to both leaders.

The Swiss-educated leader, who is believed to be 34, has not left his isolated country since taking office in 2011, apart from visiting China and the South Korean side of the border Demilitarised Zone, which separates the two Koreas. And I believe North Korea and when I came home, I couldn't even go home.

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Trump predicts 'terrific relationship' with Kim Jong Un as historic summit begins