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Spider-Man's E3 2018 Showing Was All About The Villains

12 June 2018

The trailer, which features a decent dose of gameplay, shows Spider-Man and Wraith arriving at The Raft just as Electro breaks many of Spider-Man's enemies out of their cells. He's back in this gameplay demo/trailer/whatever from Sony's E3 showcase, and he's brought some friends.

Spidey gets the crap beaten out of him before the trailer teases the reveal of one more villain.

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Tonight during Sony's E3 press conference, Marvel debuted new gameplay footage for the upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive Spider-Man game. Along the way, Spider-Man will have to confront at least five of his greatest foes. The footage introduced to the game four classic villains: Rhino, Vulture, Scorpion and Electro, in addition to the already announced Mister Negative. These are dire times in Marvel's New York City.

Spider-Man is famous in part because his rogue's gallery is one of the best in comics.

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The trailer suggests that someone has been outfitting these supervillians with new technology, but we're not told who that is. This week we're also letting everyone at the show swing around a section of our Manhattan, stopping crime, completing research tasks for Harry Osborn, infiltrating and shutting down enemy bases, and even coming face-to-face with Shocker himself in a climactic boss battle. It won't be much longer now, true believers, as Marvel's Spider-Man will soon be releasing exclusively on PS4 on September 7.

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Spider-Man's E3 2018 Showing Was All About The Villains