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G7 allies confront Trump with trade numbers in tense G7 summit

12 June 2018

Asked about Trump's threat to target USA tariffs against cars - a vital industry for Germany which supports over 800,000 jobs - "we will have to think again about what we'll do", Merkel said.

"I'm certainly in favour of that", Merkel said in a German television interview.

Friday's trade session, where G7 allies planned to confront the USA president over trade tariffs, had "some emotions" but was civilized and diplomatic, said the official who followed the talks.

Отказ Дональда Трампа подписать итоговый документ G7 шокировал участников саммита
This picture from G7 summit 'speaks a thousand words' on global power dynamics

The German chancellor's office posted the striking picture to Instagram on Saturday with the caption: "Day two of the G7 summit in Canada: spontaneous meeting between two working sessions". The summit did not mark the end of the Trans-Atlantic partnership between Europe and the US, Merkel said, but repeated her opinion that Europe could "no longer rely on its once close ally as a rational partner" under the Trump administration and "should take its fate into its own hands".

Meanwhile, Britain on Monday urged the United States to honor free-trade commitments made at the G7 summit even after US President Donald Trump rejected a joint communique in a bitter spat over tariffs. The picture that has gone viral on social media shows Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron staring down US President Donald Trump.

"I don't want us to keep inflating our language", she added, saying the word "depressed" was "already a lot, coming from me", in an ironic reference to her usual unflappable appearance. Moscow was expelled from the then-G8 in 2014 after it annexed Crimea.

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In comments to reporters from her home country, Merkel offered what may be her strongest direct criticism of Trump so far as the relationship between the two leaders continues to fray.

After leaving the summit Saturday, Trump announced that the USA was pulling back its endorsement of the G7 communique in part because of what he called "false statements" at a news conference by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Despite Trump's withdrawal and decision to double down on restricting foreign goods entering the U.S. market, Merkel insisted that she would continue to hold talks and work together with the president.

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The German chancellor also said she is not ready to "give up on G7" but would seek dialogue with Russian Federation and try to "work very closely" with Japan, Canada, India and China.

Emmanuel Macron has warned Donald Trump about "fits of anger" after the U.S. president refused to endorse a joint communique of G7 leaders.

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G7 allies confront Trump with trade numbers in tense G7 summit