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'Fallout 76' is an online survival game

12 June 2018

You play as one of Earth's "best and brightest", kept safe in Vault 76 so that you could help rebuild America by exploring West Virginia. A post from the official Bethesda Twitter account confirms this is the method and the second confirmation is via Fallout 76's page.

We then got to see in-game footage of Reclamation Day, the day that residents of Vault 76 chose to venture out into the world.

Death in the game does not mean the loss of progression or the loss of one's character. Howard mentioned that dedicated servers will host Fallout 76 with dozens, not thousands, of people on each server.

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The new video game, "Fallout 76", is being touted as "the largest, most dynamic world ever created in the legendary Fallout universe". Or, solo. Online functionality works in a similar fashion to Sea of Thieves, instanced with limited players and the ability to group with friends.

However, the nuclear bombs may not be done falling, according to Howard.

Fallout 76 features a new rendering system offering 16x the view across the map. Once the nuke has struck its target, you will be able to explore the fallout to unlock rare items and probably get enough radiation to grow a vestigial tail.

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Take a piece of the Wasteland home with the Fallout 76 Power Armor Edition.

Bethesda's Todd Howard rocked up at the publisher's E3 press briefing today to provide a slew of new details on the upcoming Fallout 76. The Fallout 76 Power Armor Edition will also include a power armor helmet with some functional bits. Will you be picking it up? "It was an idea that we just couldn't shake, and we knew we had to do it and do it in a really big way". Stay tuned as we are looking for this two information. One such player by the name of Andrew Ngeyen has even started a position to stop Bethesda from trying out something new.

What if Majora's Mask made our moon fall to Earth?

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'Fallout 76' is an online survival game