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'Fair trade now fool trade': Trump hits back at G7

11 June 2018

The United States and Canada have swung sharply toward a diplomatic and trade crisis as top White House advisers lashed out at Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau a day after US President Trump called him "very dishonest and weak".

Appearing on CNN's "State of the Union" Sunday, Kudlow characterized Trudeau's post-G7 news conference, in which he promised to "move forward with retaliatory measures" to counter USA tariffs on steel and aluminum imports from Canada, the European Union and Mexico, as a "betrayal".

Trudeau had said Canada will retaliate against the Trump Administration's plan to impose tariffs on steel and aluminum imports from Canada, the European Union and Mexico.

Donald Trump and the White House are going after Justin Trudeau for this G-7 remarks over US tariffs.

Krishnamoorthi warned that "by driving both sides into their corners instead of encouraging a more diplomatic dialogue", the Canadian prime minister is sabotaging trade negotiations between the USA and Canada.

Trump was ticked off by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau taking amateur "pot shots" at him during a press conference after Trump left the G-7 summit en route to Singapore, Kudlow said.

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In a separate interview on CBS's "Face the Nation", Kudlow said the Trump had a "very successful, calm, friendly, respectful bilateral" with Trudeau and that the USA won't withdraw from Nafta.

She reiterated that Canada will retaliate to U.S. tariffs in a measured and reciprocal way, adding that it will always be willing to talk. That was a part of Trudeau's mistake.

A senior Liberal source told Evan Solomon, host of CTV's Question Period, that American-imposed tariffs on autos would be close to an existential threat to Canada's economy.

"Canadians are polite and reasonable but we will also not be pushed around", he said.

Mr. Trudeau's office responded to Mr. Trump's tweets accusing the Canadian leader of "false statements" on Saturday, saying that the Prime Minister said nothing during the G7 summit that he had not said previously.

Guy Verhofstadt, a former Belgian prime minister who as an MEP now co-ordinates Brexit talks for the European Parliament, mocked Mr Trump's temper and supposed closeness to Russian President Vladimir Putin in a series of tweets.

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Trump administration members continued a war of words with a traditional USA ally Sunday, accusing Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of stabbing the president's team in the back.

Throughout the summit, photographers captured photos of the tension between Trump and other world leaders.

White House National Trade Council Director Peter Navarro said on "Fox News Sunday" there is a "special place in hell" for any leader who engages in "bad faith diplomacy" with President Donald Trump.

"To be honest with you, Prime Minister Trudeau, I respect". Mr. Trump said the move would protect domestic producers that were vital to USA security.

Larry Kudlow said Mr. Trump negotiated in good faith with fellow global powers in Quebec.

This followed two days of feuding with some of his closest allies - one French official told reporters of a "very unusual" and "bitter" exchange Friday between world leaders, describing the U.S. president making his case in a "Rant".

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Ford told the Toronto Sun that when it comes to trade talks with Americans he and his team will "consult" with "our federal counterparts" on the appropriate moves. He justified President Trump's decision to drop out of a joint statement made by G7 countries this weekend.

'Fair trade now fool trade': Trump hits back at G7