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How to Customize What Gmail’s Swipe Gestures Do

10 June 2018

For the most part you can't add a new action that didn't exist before, meaning that users will have to choose between actions such as Archive, Delete, Mark as read/unread, Move to, Snooze, or None.

Android: It's one of the better Gmail features-swiping across an email in order to archive or delete it.

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Once you've updated to the latest version of the Gmail app, head to Settings and then in General Settings go to the Swipe Actions section.

Gmail for Android has supported a swipe gesture within the mobile app for quite some time, but, up until today, it has been severely limited in scope.

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You'll need to be on Gmail 8.5.20 to use this new functionality, but it's still a server-side change so it might not be live right away. According to Android Police, the update has been rolling out over the past week, so you should see it soon if you don't already.

The search-engine giant also introduced an "early adopter programme (EAP)" for its newly designed Gmail with features like Gmail offline and nudging earlier this month. It's yet unclear how long it will take for the update to arrive on all devices, but it looks like it's been rolling out for about a week or so.

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How to Customize What Gmail’s Swipe Gestures Do