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Plastic bans can work, but need planning and enforcement

08 June 2018

Almost one third of used plastic packaging escapes collection systems, which means it ends up clogging the world's city streets and polluting the natural environment.

On World Environment Day Bollywood celebs have been inspiring us by asking their followers to go plastic free and say no to plastic.

"The spread of 180,000 tons of plastic materials. rings alarm bells", he noted.

Rwanda on May 29 launched the national environment week featuring different awareness activities aimed at addressing plastic pollution, such as countrywide inspection of the illegal use of plastic bags and exhibition on plastic recycling.

The association said levies and taxes should be imposed on producers and consumers of single-use plastics such as plastic shopping bags.

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He said "several countries such as Eritrea, China, Rwanda, Mauritania, Morocco and Kenya have outlawed the use of plastic bags; while England, Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland, South Africa, among others have placed a fee on the use of plastic bags".

Dr Molewa has reiterated sentiment expressed during the Department's Budget Vote speech last month, that South Africa was committed to minimizing plastic pollution and that the DEA is looking at introducing a raft of measures to curb plastic pollution. Make this planet greener, plant trees and ban plastic.

In a report for International Environment Day, the United Nations warned at current levels the earth could be awash with 12 billion tonnes of plastic trash by the middle of the century.

On pollution caused by plastics, as the Environment Day being hosted this year by India is themed "Beat Plastic Pollution", the Prime Minister expressed concern over declining number of fishes and ocean pollution. More specifically, Mr. Guterres stated: "Our world is swamped by harmful plastic waste".

Actor Arjun Kapoor said:"It takes one small step to #BeatPlasticPollution!"

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The Minister also led a Walk in Abuja to sensitise Nigerians on the negative impact of indiscriminate disposal of waste plastics in the country.

Deeply moved with these shocking figures, the United Nations Environment is concentrating on its ambitious goal named 'Beat Plastic Pollution'.

Thirty percent of countries found sharp drops in plastic bag consumption in the first year after imposing restrictions, while 20% saw little or no change. We are staring at a global catastrophe.

"But we can help", he continued, adding that despite being in a desperate situation to work upon its solid waste management, the world can still learn from India and India can learn from China and vice versa.

"Marine litter, especially micro-plastic, is a major trans-boundary problem".

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Plastic bans can work, but need planning and enforcement