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Alexander Nix rejects claims $8m left Cambridge Analytica before collapse

08 June 2018

"In response to earlier notices about breaches of personal data relating to the Cambridge Analytica episode, Facebook had apologised and given strong assurances to the Government of India that they would make honest efforts to protect the privacy of users' data on the platform", the statement said.

The fake news enquiry kicked off in thorny fashion, as Nix refused to answer committee chair Damian Collins' opening question about the current state of Cambridge Analytica.

Assange confirmed that the data firm reached out to him, but said WikiLeaks rejected their advances.

Brittany Kaiser, a director at Cambridge Analytica, met with Assange on February 17, 2017 to have a "retrospective" discussion about the election, the Guardian reported on Tuesday.

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"Of course, the answer to this question should have been 'yes, '" Nix was quoted as saying by Reuters, when asked if Cambridge Analytica still held data from the researcher. He said the data was deleted at Facebook's request.

"Giving evidence to a parliamentary committee, he admitted he was" foolish" to be captured in what he described as a "very well-organised sting" by Channel 4 News (C4N).

He said sorry for this undercover film, in which he claimed that Cambridge Analytica's online campaign had played a decisive role in Trump's election win.

Mr Nix claimed he and CA colleague Mark Turnbull had been "over-zealous" in trying to secure a contract from a potential client when they were filmed discussing how pretty Ukrainian women could be used to lure rival politicians into compromising positions.

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During his questioning, Nix also went on the attack a number of times and refused to answer questions about the full extent of its use of Facebook-sourced data.

When asked why he thought the company was being unfairly "victimised", Nix said: "I think our involvement in the election of a president who's been so polarising for many voters put a huge target on our back".

He said that he was vindicated in saying Cambridge Analytica had not been involved in the Brexit campaign by a report by the Electoral Commission, and that whistleblower Christopher Wylie had lied about the consultancy's involvement in Brexit.

"What Mr Nix actually said to our reporter, and which was broadcast by Channel 4 News and watched by over 3m people, was that his caveat: "they're just examples of what can be done", was followed by "and what has been done".

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Nix denied a story in the Financial Times that he had withdrawn $8 million from Cambridge Analytica before its collapse last month.

Alexander Nix rejects claims $8m left Cambridge Analytica before collapse