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Whale Dies After Eating More Than 80 Plastic Bags

05 June 2018

The report from the UK Government Office for Science found that 70% of marine litter is non-degradable plastic.

A team of veterinarians and volunteers spent about five days trying to treat the sick short-fin pilot whale.

During an autopsy veterinarians removed more than 80 plastic bags from the whale's stomach, said Jatuporn Burutpat, Director-General to Thailand's Department of Marine and Coastal Resources.

Before its death, the whale spat out five plastic bags.

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Last month, the Thai government said it was considering a levy on disposable plastic shopping bags. Pilot whales primarily eat squid but are also known to hunt octopus, cuttlefish and small fish when squid prove elusive, the American Cetacean Society said.

Thailand is one of the world's largest users of plastic bags.

Thailand coastal authorities say a whale found in the south of the country died after swallowing 80 plastic bags.

Every square kilometre of the world's oceans is believed to contain 13,000 pieces of plastic, and for creatures that eat jellyfish and squid, a synthetic bag can be easily mistaken as a prey item.

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"We will use the whale case and invite all sectors to show their intentions on how to reduce the use of plastic in Thailand", he told Reuters.

A study published past year found that 83 percent of water samples from more than a dozen nations were contaminated with plastic fibers.

The pilot whale wasn't the only recent casualty of ocean pollution; in April, a 33-foot sperm whale found dead on a Spanish beach had more than 60 lb of garbage in its digestive system.

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Whale Dies After Eating More Than 80 Plastic Bags