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US Warns Russian-German Gas Pipeline Risks Triggering Sanctions

18 May 2018

Without trade settlement Europe since June 1, will face USA duties on imported steel and aluminum.

Her comments came a day before German Chancellor Angela Merkel is due to fly to the Russian resort of Sochi for a meeting with Russia's President Vladimir Putin, at which the pipeline issue is expected to be a key topic of discussion.

The pipeline would allow Russian Federation to ship natural gas to Germany directly. He also would like to get the best possibilities of access of companies from America to the European market, and from June 1, the USA plans to introduce high customs duties on aluminium and steel from the EU.

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While Merkel has taken a hard line on what it considers hostile Russian actions in recent years-from the conflicts in Ukraine and Syria to the chemical attack on a former Russian spy in Britain-Germany badly needs to secure its gas supply and Berlin has calculated that Nord Stream 2 offers the best deal. In addition, the foreign Ministry explained why the "Nord stream-2" favorable to Germany.

The gas pipeline project, sharply criticized Ukraine and Central European countries, who believe that its implementation will lead to the actual destruction of the Ukrainian gas transport system.

Economy minister Peter Altmaier defended the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, which is strongly opposed by many East European countries as well as the USA, who say that by circumventing Ukraine the pipeline will increase Russia's leverage over countries that rely on Moscow's energy sales. The length of the pipeline will be 1.2 thousand km, and the total capacity of the existing Nord stream - 55 billion cubic meters of gas.

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November 12, 2017 the head of the European Council, Donald Tusk urged the EU to accelerate work on the legislative block of the Russian project Nord stream-2.

Oudkirk said the project raises security concerns because it would divert gas flows away from Ukraine, which depends heavily on transit fees, and could become a pathway for Russian Federation to install high-tech monitoring and listening equipment in the Baltic Sea, a sensitive military region.

Price for preventing a so-called trade war between the European Union and the U.S. should be the refusal of Berlin from the construction of the "Nord stream 2".

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US Warns Russian-German Gas Pipeline Risks Triggering Sanctions