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The US Air Force just ruined the 'Laurel or Yanny' meme

18 May 2018

So, naturally, the U.S. Air Force had to weigh in.

The U.S. Air Force apologized on Thursday and withdrew a tweet that sought to find humor in killing Taliban militants in Afghanistan by invoking a viral Internet debate about whether an audio file says the words "Laurel" or "Yanny".

The link included in the tweet is a story about Air Force air support efforts to prevent Taliban forces from overtaking Farah city a long way off from the light-hearted debate that ensued over "Laurel or Yanny". "It was made in poor taste".

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The message was published at 8:44 Washington on the main Air Force account, ostensibly to draw attention to the USA military response to an attack on the Afghan city of Farah.

For the past few days the internet has been split over whether a robotic voice was saying "Yanny" or "Laurel."

The Taliban has claimed that it has taken control of the city, but the USA and Afghan governments deny that.

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The "Yanny vs. Laurel" audio clip ― which is simply a clip that some hear as "yanny" and others as "laurel" ― gained traction earlier this week as "yanny" people looked incredulously upon their "laurel" friends, neighbors, spouses and colleagues as if seeing them as they truly are for the first time.

As of publication the post is still up on Facebook, where some users are encouraging the Air Force to leave the post up and not apologize. The U.S. military headquarters in Kabul said in a statement Tuesday that Afghan troops are "bringing their full capabilities" to bear on the situation with U.S. backing.

Pentagon spokeswoman Dana White was asked at a press briefing on Thursday whether she thought the tweet's tone was appropriate. White said the attack on Farah was part of the Taliban's annual spring offensive and "so was to be expected".

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The US Air Force just ruined the 'Laurel or Yanny' meme