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Reuben Foster's ex falsely accused another man of domestic violence in 2011

18 May 2018

The hearing is set for May 23 at 3:30 p.m.

And as it turns out, the Foster case is not the first time Ennis has lied about a domestic violence incident. And she claims there's video to prove it.

She also testified she flagged down a passerby to call 911 on Foster after considering whether to falsify charges following a verbal altercation.

Ennis said Foster had not paid her to change her story. Ennis also alleged that Foster broke her phone and threw their dog at her. However, on Thursday, she admitted that she had lied about that too.

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Ennis testified that her injuries were suffered the previous day after she was cut off by another auto, got into a road-rage situation with the driver and eventually fought a woman in San Francisco. Foster appears poised to be exonerated. May. She said it was because she was depressed, not because she was still in love with him. The next morning, he did.

She also admitted to stealing more than $8,000 from Foster after taking his account and routing numbers. Bentley suggested they weren't consistent with a 228-pound linebacker punching the petite Ennis with a closed fist, as Ennis initially told police.

In closing arguments, prosecutor Kevin Smith said Ennis' injuries weren't necessarily consistent with getting into a street fight with another woman.

So, why did she lie about the domestic violence claims?

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Lawyer Stephanie Rickard issued an announcement on behalf of Elissa Ennis that mentioned her consumer can show the accidents in February that led to the fees weren't brought on by Foster, however had been the results of a combat between Ennis and one other girl.

Ennis often had trouble recalling what happened or what she told police on the morning of February 11 and had to be admonished several times about answering before a question was complete. Ennis still has the jewelry.

A large portion of the hearing has centered on Elissa Ennis, Foster's former girlfriend who originally accused him of domestic violence.

Ennis was visibly emotional throughout the hearing.

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After Ennis broke down into tears again, Judge Nona L. Klippen offered a 10-minute recess so Ennis could compose herself. Enis said she now has regrets: "I'm sorry, I apologize to everybody". The prosecution said Ennis' testimony couldn't be trusted given inconsistencies throughout. Her testimony about a prior conviction for lying about domestic violence muddies matters even further.

Ennis, who testified against the advice of her attorney, said in court Thursday that she wanted to testify to "do the right thing".

The judge over the next week won't be deciding whether or not Foster is innocent or guilty.

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Reuben Foster's ex falsely accused another man of domestic violence in 2011